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Radio was born to fill the need for a Radio that encompasses a variety of Gospel songs in French and English.

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Spreading Divine Sounds, Spreading Hope

Welcome to Levite Radio, an American & International Online Christian Radio based in Frederick, Maryland, USA. We aim to empower and inspire individuals to draw closer to Jesus on their spiritual journey. As a collective, we strive to reach out to people from all walks of life and prepare them for the imminent arrival of Jesus Christ and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. Through our carefully curated selection of uplifting music and engaging shows, we are dedicated to serving our listeners and spreading messages of encouragement. Join us as we embark on this incredible mission of faith.We are a family friendly radio lifting up the name of our Lord Jesus. We are on 24/7 with Testimony, Encouraging biblical message, praise, worship, contemporary traditional, Christian Pop, Christian rap, African gospel and many more.

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Saint Anoma


Pst. Rebecca Anoma






Faho L. Hermes

Communications Manager

Kobenan Clément

Communications Associate

Gina Ramdin Musician Composer

I love this radio station, leviteradio helped me to get where I am at this moment, closer to Jesus Christ, and every time I feel down, I listen to Leviteradio, and the songs keep pulling me back, always reminding me of how much Jesus Christ loves me and all he has done for me every time I think something is impossible and he surprises me, and leviteradio is so fundamental in helping me to be close to Jesus Christ. 💕